What is Stellarit

Highest cutting quality, and lowest price globally

We would like to introduce Stellarit by starting with pure diamond composition since it is familiar to most people. Diamond consists of 100% pure carbon. To achieve the composition of Stellarit, imagine we need to remove every second carbon atom and replace it by silicon atom. So we get the atomic composition of Stellarit (50% carbon, 50% silicon), which is a 4H crystalline polytype and thus completely colorless and pure.
Exceptional brilliance, superior fire and magnificent luster are the qualities that make Stellarit the most special gem on earth.


Gem Properties Diamond Stellarit
Atomic Composition 99.99% carbon 50% carbon, 50% silicon
Brilliance (flashes of white light) 2.417 2.66-2.71
Fire (flashes of colored light) .044 .104+
Hardness (resistance to scratching) 10 9.5
Toughness (resistance to chipping, breaking) Good – excellent Excellent
Price for 2.00 ct, clarity VVS1, color D $54,580.00 * $858 *

* Price includes VAT