Customize with Stellarit!


How does it work? 


Step 1. Inquiry

We have made a simple form for you to fill out with your preferences below. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page after you have read the following details.


Step 2. Follow Up

A Stellaritgem representative will contact you within 24-48 hours to follow-up and gather more information about your specific ideas. 

A tip here is to have your ideas well organized so that our representative will be better equipped to fully understand the piece of jewelry that you are trying to create. 

For your convenience, below are examples of information that you may need to provide when creating custom jewelry.

Step 3. Quote & Payment

A quote will be provided based on the custom specifications per your request. It will reflect the price of material (precious metals and precious gem stones) and custom labor (design, cast, polish, set, finish, and quality check) needed for the creation and production of the piece.

If you are satisfied with the information provided then a representative will advise you on next steps along with payment options.

Step 4. Design and Production

We will plan, create, and design your ideas with the jewelry industry's state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) software to ensure that all measurements are accurate and to your specifications. Manufacturing will begin immediately once the design is complete.

This process typically takes up to 2-3 weeks depending on the scope of the job. 

Although we do our best to create custom jewelry in a timely manner, our number one priority is to always place quality ahead of quantity.

Step 5. Shipment

Upon completion of payments, approvals, and quality inspections, we will ship you the finished piece of jewelry that has been truly inspired by YOU!

Complimentary Quote
Ring Pendant Bracelet Earrings Other
14K White Gold 14K Yellow Gold 18K White Gold 18K Yellow Gold Other
Round Cushion Emerald Oval Pear Princess Asscher Radiant Marquise
The maximum file size is 5mb (jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc)