About Us

We supply gems to the most renowned moissanite resellers worldwide.

We cut and polish diamonds, lab grown diamonds and moissanite gemstones. Our team comprises 16 highly skilled professional cutters with over 15 years industry-related expertise, who are proficient not merely in ensuring overall and ideal symmetry of the stones or cutting facets with the proper meet points and providing best surface polish, but also a variety of other techniques, knowledge and know-hows that enable us to transform a piece of rough into an ideally faceted gemstone delivering maximum beauty, fire and brilliance. Our cutting facility is equipped with the cutting-edge machines and tools (should you be willing us to provide you more information, we are here to deliver you a virtual video tour showcasing our facility).

We have brought together a team of physicists, engineers, material experts, specialists in the field of SiC (silicon carbide), and specialists on marketing from all over the world to accomplish our mission.

Each stone produced in our cutting facility comes along with grading reports/certificates, issued by the most renowned third-party gemological laboratories.

Our moissanite gems produced under Stellarit brand name, are a smart purchase, confidence and exquisite style, it is the gem of the future, and we are glad to present it to the world.