Now you can make factory-direct purchase of your moissanite gemstone called Stellarit

Stellarit is a moissanite gem created by Bloomline LLC - an Armenia-based moissanite gem manufacturing company with a team of over twenty proffesional cutters. We do handle Silicon Carbide in a professional way and that's why our finished gems called Stellarit surpasse even diamonds as well as any other gems in beauty, brilliance, fire and luster. We accept custom orders for all shapes and sizes in compliance with your desired diagrams and parameters. Every single stone released from our cutting facility passes rigid quality control performed by the renowned third party gemological labaratories which issue a relevant certificate and/or grading report.

Latest Products

Asscher Cut Stellarit Moissanite

Stellarit Moissanite 1.75CT Asscher E-F


Stellarit 1.75 CTW Asscher Colorless Moissanite Gemstone

Cushion Cut Stellarit Moissanite

Stellarit Moissanite 1.10CT Cushion E-F


Stellarit 1.10 CTW Cushion Colorless Moissanite Gemstone

cushion crushed ice24

Stellarit Moissanite 1.00CT Cushion Crushed Ice E-F


Stellarit 1.00 CTW Cushion Crushed Ice Colorless Moissanite ...

stellarit oval crushed ice

Stellarit Moissanite 1.00CT Oval Crushed Ice E-F


Stellarit 1.00 CTW Oval Crushed Ice Colorless Moissanite ...